December 12, 2008

Wedding Snobs

I am usually very hesitant to call someone a bridezilla because it seems that anytime a woman asserts herself and stands up for herself in a business setting, she's suddenly a bitch or, in the case of weddings, a bridezilla. I mean, if I asked for and paid for a bouquet of orange roses and you bring me orange carnations, am I supposed to just say, "That's all right, I know you tried. Thank you for your service??"

However, I don't hold back from calling someone a wedding snob. Seriously, I like things to match and would love to have all coordinated items, but this post from A Practical Wedding scares me: In The Paper Store

Really? Really? Most people are happy just to be buying wedding invitations, since that means that they have found the person they want to spend the rest of their life with. And you're worried about what your invitations will "say about the wedding?" What kind of bad impression do you think people are going to have?

"Oh my god, Mitzi, did you see Bunny's wedding invitations? They are black and fuschia. I mean really, I thought she had better taste."


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