December 3, 2008

Dead Flowers?

No... dried flowers. Big difference!

It's hard to think of non-floral fall centerpieces that don't include pumpkins. Nothing wrong with pumpkins, this bride just didn't want to include them for her October wedding! This is what we came up with for her rustic wedding in the woods:

These centerpieces were made from different dried botanicals, including wheat and lavender, with pheasant feathers and cattails. Anchored by small river rocks in Mason jars and tied with twine, they were surrounded by larger river rocks and simple votive candles.

On the other half of the tables, we used store-bought wreaths of fat grasses and placed hurricanes with tall pillars in the middle. The pillars were anchored by—guess what?—lentils. Why buy craft sand when you can buy lentils for 89¢ per 16 oz. bag? :) Plus, it just added to the outdoorsy feel of the decor.

All photos by the fabulous Rachel Naft!

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