November 25, 2008

No Bar is Better Than a Cash Bar

Despite the relaxation of "proper etiquette" in today's society, the bottom line is that these people are your GUESTS. They have given up at least two of these, if not more:
  • Their time—maybe the most important of the list.
  • A wedding gift—even if it's small, it's something they gave up for you.
  • Transportation costs—plane, train, automobile rental, you name it.
  • Accomodations—unless your entire guest list is from one area, someone is going to have to pony up for a place to stay.
  • New clothes, haircut, etc.—sure, this is optional, but if they are representing you, you'd want them looking their finest!
I think it's completely inappropriate to have a cash bar at a wedding. If you can't afford it, don't have alcohol at all.

However, I was interested and a little shocked to find these responses to "Dear Abby." I don't think having your guests pay for their own drinks allows you to wash your hands of the matter and feel that you are not responsible for what happens to them. You're still providing the alcohol.

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