November 22, 2008

I am a Geek

My friends teased me about having an Excel spreadsheet for my wedding—with a wedding budget, guest list, wedding checklist, you get the idea. But having everything at your fingertips and all in one place saves so much time, especially when you are planning on your lunch break.

For example, it was great to have notes that the bus company estimated $1170 for two buses because a few months later when they estimated $750 for one, I mentioned the previous estimate and we got the bus for $580. This was a make or break situation in being able to provide a shuttle for our friends and family and have a DD available to everyone.

Basically, I am a geek and I like to be organized. I need to be able to keep track of every cent and every conversation and every idea. How else can you be fully informed and make good decisions?

If you'd like a peek at the spreadsheet, shoot me an email and I'll divulge more! :)

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