November 22, 2008

By Pattern

I came across this great site tonight: ReproDepot. So many great ideas if you are looking for a party theme to tie things together. It could be an all-out theme (I think an Alice in Wonderland party would be so fun!) or just a few details to make the event flow and make everything mesh.

This bold pattern really caught my eye—I love the combination of a really bold architectural frame with the soft freeform of botanical elements—so mod but still fun. Everyone loves a black and white party; it's a theme but people don't have to look "dorky" to participate.

I picture this vase with bright yellow roses as centerpieces and using the fabric as placemats at a white table with black chairs, bright yellow plates (like Fiestaware or something equally chunky), and some really great black and white drinks: Black or White russian, Blackout, PiƱa Colada, Cement Mixer (recipe from a vast source), and Guinness beer (close enough!). Additional yellow accents here and there would add that necessary kick of color.

Pearl Jam—Black • Jefferson Airplane—White Rabbit (so awesome and fitting with the modness!) • AC/DC—Back in Black • The White Stripes • My Chemical Romance—The Black Parade • Barry White • Amy Winehouse—Back to Black • Cream—White Room • Black Velvet • Black Crowes • Velvet Underground—White Light/White Heat • Procol Harum (or Elliot Yamin)—Whiter Shade of Pale • Plain White Tees (they have better stuff than just "Delilah") • Black Eyed Peas • Black Flag • Dido—White Flag • Blaque • The Black Keys • Vanessa Carlton—White Houses • Michael Jackson—Black or White (oh yeah, I went there!)

P.S. Someone pleeeease give me a reason to use this fabric/theme (Lea???):


  1. Could be a nice fabric for bridesmaid dresses. :) haha. That's the kids still use that word?

  2. Haha oh yeah! Actually, it could... not all weddings have to be white and fluffy. Different strokes for different folks!