November 25, 2008

Designated Driving for All Guests

If alcohol will be served, always consider extra precautions to make the party safer:
  • The bride and groom should always have someone driving them from the reception, whether they drink or not, because it's just more fun. :)
  • If the party is at the hotel where the guests will be staying, great! Problem solved.
  • If guests are staying elsewhere, be sure to ask the concierge ahead of time to make sure that there are cabs available to take your guests back to their own accomodations.
  • If the party is at a location without taxi service, hire a shuttle bus to deliver your guests to and from the site. Some may choose not to ride, but you have provided a safe way to get back to their hotel. Let guests know ahead of time by including this item on the response cards:

    There will be a shuttle bus available at the Hampton Inn for the journey to ThorpeWood.
    Would you like us to save you a seat on the shuttle bus?
    ___Yes, please ___No, thank you

    This also will help you estimate the number of people the bus needs to hold—really helpful when it's time to reserve!
One transportation service in the D.C. area that I have worked with is Bowen Bus Service, headquartered in rural Maryland (but available for locations in the entire metro area). They have charter buses, school bus shuttles, and limo services; I have yet to find a working website for them, but their number is (443) 535-0203 and I work with Jackie.

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