January 15, 2009

Spotlight On: Couture Cupcakes

Thanks to my friend Amanda for introducing me to Couture Cupcakes! The cupcakes look absolutely amazing, and I really love how unique the designs are. Cupcakes definitely do not need to be boring! Paola's cupcakes are perfectly crafted, with a choice of classic or petite sizes. They even have a "Love Cupcake" that is likened to a loveseat: perfect for two! Cupcake towers, cupcake bouquets, cupcake-scapes—this place is the Mecca of cupcakes. They even deliver, which is great if you're throwing a party and need to turn your time and attention elsewhere.

Not only are Paola's designs amazing, but she also has a heart: her special feature right now is a project with the Children's Inn at NIH. She passed out forms and the kids submitted their cupcake ideas for a contest—the winner, Bret, has a cupcake to steal my own heart: "Chocolate cake with peanut butter filling topped with a vanilla buttercream, peanut butter swirl and chocolate drizzle." YUM! She even has developed cupcakes from each of the other ideas, including Savannah's red velvet cupcake with vanilla cream cheese frosting. (This child should be my kid: named Savannah, red velvet... meant to be!)

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